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Bocconcini with prosciutto and tomatoes

Ok, let’s start with confessing that the appetizer is really nothing special. I mean; everyone knows the combination of mozarella, tomatoes and prosciutto is a classic one, so I was really merely providing something to put on the plate. I wanted to practice with a christmas atmosphere while using my studiolights. And that is really harder then it sounds. Using…

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Toast with white beanspread and mozarella

Sometimes, when I’ve been away from the stove for too long I get ‘cooking withdrawal’ symptoms… I am sure you did not know that those existed now did you? I get cranky and feel a very urgent need to go and make something fun, anything will do really. Now this particular lunch that I had today might not really help…

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Crespelles | insimoneskitchen.com
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Crespelles; Cooking Italy

When reading this recipe I knew it was going to be a tricky one as it includes quite some mozarella as well as Parmezan. Having a guy who does not like cheese (….), I had the feeling it would possibly be too cheesy… 🙂 And I was right.. He was not amused..lol Ok, it happens maybe once or twice a…

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Salad with pea and prosciutto | insimoneskitchen.com
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Prosciutto, pea & mozarella salad with mint vinaigrette

I really felt like eating something healthy today. After a weekend full of unhealthy stuff… it was about time! I had spend the weekend going through my (enormous) pile of cooking magazines and re-organized everything by title. You see; I have this magazine addiction which can take on very large proportions. I have to clean my ‘office’ once every so…

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