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Dude Food tuesday: I am a serial griller

I’ll admit immediately that I am a fan of grilling. No, not the kind of grilling the cops sometimes do. Although a lot of people call me a serial griller. That’s because of my passion for grilling things. I just admire that proces of caramelization of meat or vegetables. And those beautiful black strips that the grill brings, just make…

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Dinner & sides, Dude Food Tuesday, Meat and poultry

Dudefood tuesday: Tomahawk steak and the caveman diet

I just wanted to let you all know that this dude is still alive. Still alive, barely, but nonetheless, I’m still standing. Ofcourse everybody wants to know why they haven’t heard anything out of the DudeFood kitchen lately and why there haven’t been any updates of rich and manly dishes. That’s all because the Misses had a brainfart and started…

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Dinner & sides

Pork belly

After having seen like a gazillion episodes of Masterchef Australia featuring pork belly, we – ofcourse – had to try it ourselves at home. Now finding a good piece of pork belly here is not so simple. I definitely think that the cut is very different, making it more fatty and less meaty. We also found that preparing the pork…

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