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Strawberry lime cheesecake

When I was growing up we virtually lived on cheesecake or as we call them here kwarktaart. Now the cheesecake that is commonly known throughout the world is very different from a regular kwarktaart as it is a non-baking version and should probably be called quark-cake rather then cheesecake as that is really what it is. It’s much lighter then…

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Amarant salad | insimoneskitchen.com
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Amaranth… ama… who??

Now be honest with me… have you heard of amaranth before? Or even better, have you tasted it before? I hadn’t. I had heard about it but it was some far ringing thing in terms of ‘o yes that sounds vaguely familiar’ but I had no idea how it looked, let alone know how it tasted. So when I saw…

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quinoa, walnut and feta salad | insimoneskitchen.com
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Quinoa, feta and walnut salad

It’s no big secret that I love quinoa as it has been featured here a couple of times, as you can see with this delicious quinoa salad with courgette, the quinoa salad with pomegranate and most recently the pumpkin stew. I was reading a couple of blogs on my Iphone this morning (don’t you just love the possibilities of wireless…

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Couscous salade with roquefort and corn | insimoneskitchen.com
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Couscous salad with roquefort and corn

The alarm goes at 6 am and I fumble around to hit the repeat button. I need just a tiny bit longer… Ten minutes later the damn thing is going on again and with a deep sigh I swing my legs over the edge of the bed. Gizmo – always on the lookout for people movements – immediately comes to…

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Arroz con leche | insimoneskitchen.com
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Arroz con leche

I did promise you I would try and make some authentic Costa Rican food right? And although arroz con leche seems to be pretty much used in most latin american countries plus Spain… it is still one of the dishes that I associate with Costa Rica. Plus I like it.. 🙂 We’ve only eaten this particular dessert on two occassions…

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