Geroosterde pompoen salade | insimonesk.wpengine.com
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Roasted butternut squash salad

I love autumn… It’s that promising smell in the air of things to come. Leaves falling, temperatures dropping and winter slowly but surely approaching. I also love autumn because it gives a whole new array of fabulous ingredients to work with and pumpkin being maybe the most obvious one. Ok, ok, I know you can buy butternut squash virtually all…

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Lentils, as we use them in the kitchen are the legumes from the lentil plant. They are essentially a type of pea that is dried and comes on the market in various colors. The lentils are seeds with quite a bit of history, as they’ve been written about as early as the old testament (about a field for lentils while…

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Sweetcorn and lentil chowder | insimoneskitchen.com
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Chicken, lentil & sweetcorn chowder

How’s the weather over at your end? Here it is cold and miserable at the moment. There is still snow but it is melting and instead we get rain. I think I prefer the snow to be honest.. 🙂 (did I tell you already that the Dutch are notorious for their complaining about the weather?? It’s never good, too cold,…

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