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Lemongrass beef skewers Vietnamese sandwich

The book I have been reading for the past couple of weeks is all about Vietnamese Street Food. What I love about the book is the fact that it has all those wonderful stories of streetvendors who build a name for themselves in this rather competitive ‘street food’ business. If you’ve never been to Vietnam or Asia for that matter,…

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Carrot soup | insimoneskitchen.com
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Carrot soup

I had been having stomach troubles all day today (the kind that makes you run to the bathroom about every 5 minutes.. 🙂 ) but I did want to eat something healthy, hoping that it would calm my stomach down… Especially since I have to shoot a wedding tomorrow… Ooo, imagine how that would go in the middle of the…

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Noodle soup | insimoneskitchen.com
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Soup, noodles or noodlesoup?

Ah…eh…ok, I admit I was not really focused this afternoon when making this ‘noodlesoup’. As you can probably tell from the image above there is really not a lot of moisture left as I believe I didn’t use enough chicken stock… or at least I think I didn’t use enough as there wasn’t anything left after the chicken had cooked…

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