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Halloumi tomato and a little bit of patience

Yesterday it was finally time; after weeks of waiting and thinking and looking at other websites for inspiration I finally received the mockups for the new webdesign… And it’s gonna be prrrrettttty!!! I can’t wait for all the coding and whatever else needs to happen behind the scenes to be ready and I can show you the new site. Because…

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Making your own halloumi with cow milk

I’m gonna warn you upfront that this is going to be a very picture heavy post as I will go through the process and the various steps of making the halloumi. Seeing it visually always helps I think. I know it helped me a lot searching for information! But – round of applause now please – I did it! I…

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Apple and halloumi salad

It’s been a weird week. With Gizmo no longer with us, I still find that I expect to see her at every corner. You know how that is. Everyone has those little habits that are hard to break! To give an example; when we go to bed we always used to check where Gizmo was, making sure she wasn’t sneaking…

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Asparagus with grilled halloumi
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Asparagus with grilled halloumi

I can’t believe what is happening with the weather at the moment. The temperatures are rising to summer levels and beyond. It’s been 26C almost the entire week, which is weird if you think that it is only April! Now I am not complaining but I am totally in summer mood and I know this will most likely not last…

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Halloumi salad | insimoneskitchen.com
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Another halloumi salad…

Remember I had that delicious lentil salad a while ago with halloumi? For those of you that have never heard of Halloumi; it is traditionally a Cypriot cheese and it made from a mixture of goat’s and sheeps milk although apparently some have cow’s milk in there as well. It can be heated far higher then regular cheese due to…

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