Quinoa salade
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Quinoa salad with feta and beetroot

It seems there are people out there who do not like beetroot (but than I suspect that would be true of virtually every single ingredient out there) and I can’t really understand why. Despite the fact that beet tends to color heavily – something to take into account when cutting them – I totally love them. I didn’t when I…

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Strawberry feta salad

I’m a moron, you know that right? A downright idiot sometimes, if you will. I am impulsive. Act before I think about what I’m doing on many occasions. I change my mind often and radically too. Not to fear though, it usually effects only myself, so any harm done, is usually only done to myself and time spend… 😉 Starting…

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quinoa, walnut and feta salad | insimoneskitchen.com
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Quinoa, feta and walnut salad

It’s no big secret that I love quinoa as it has been featured here a couple of times, as you can see with this delicious quinoa salad with courgette, the quinoa salad with pomegranate and most recently the pumpkin stew. I was reading a couple of blogs on my Iphone this morning (don’t you just love the possibilities of wireless…

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Greek salad

Every single time we go to Greece the very first meal I order is a Greek salad. There is nothing better then the taste of those gorgeous tomatoes combined with the salty feta and the juicy cucumbers. Yes, even the cucumbers taste better in Greece! And then enjoying that while the only other sounds are the soft clinging together of…

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Watermelon salad | insimoneskitchen.com
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Watermelon madness

Do you need sunglasses yet? 🙂 Sorry, I just love this photo and it’s probably wrong for whatever gazillion color reason but I couldn’t resist posting it to make sure you were all wide awake… See the thing with these Plate to Page people is that they are never satisfied… Seriously… I post my watermelon icecream perfectly on time looking…

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Green peas with feta | insimoneskitchen.com
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Green peas with feta

I know there have been several occassions that I complained to you about my weight and the eternal struggle to get back to a healthy weight. Well, let me tell you that I am still nowhere near that goal at this point in time. It appears that I just love food too much, but as with everything in life; it…

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Pea soup | insimoneskitchen.com
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Pea soup

I have been posting a lot of soup recipes lately now haven’t I? Probably because a good soup is comforting, warming and – not unimportantly – it is also very quick to make. So I love trying out new soup recipes for lunch. Especially now that the weather seems to go back into full wintermode again (I cannot believe it…

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Oeuf en cocotte | insimoneskitchen.com
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Oeuf en Cocotte

I think everyone has moments in a month, a week or a year where cooking seems to take less of a priority due to all sort of different reasons. We’ve lately been having some serious health issues within both Tom’s family as well as my family, which shift the importance of certain things quite dramatically. It’s been busy with other…

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Courgette feta fritters | insimoneskitchen.com
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Courgette-feta ‘cookies’

You know how you can sometimes see a photo of a certain dish in a magazine and you think ‘yes! That is going to be de-li-cious!!’ and then you go out and make it and are… well, hmmm, slightly disappointed. That happened to me today for my lunchdish of courgette feta cookies. I think I started going wrong with not…

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