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Peanut butter panna cotta with chocolate sauce | insimoneskitchen.com

Peanut butter panna cotta with chocolate sauce

Peanut butter heaven One of my most popular recipes on the site is the peanut butter cheesecake from Nigella. It was an odd one as it is so heavy that just a tiny bit of cheesecake was more than enough for me. However, all men that tried it could easily devour an entire big piece. So not sure what that…

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Salsify soup with celeriac | insimoneskitchen.com
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Salsify soup with celeriac

I am known to be rather impatient. If I have an idea in my head I want to immediately follow up on it and do it. I think they had me in mind when they came up with the term ‘Just do it’. So… what you maybe do not know is that I have been running SImone’s Kitchen on one…

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Strawberry lime cheesecake

When I was growing up we virtually lived on cheesecake or as we call them here kwarktaart. Now the cheesecake that is commonly known throughout the world is very different from a regular kwarktaart as it is a non-baking version and should probably be called quark-cake rather then cheesecake as that is really what it is. It’s much lighter then…

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Mascarpone raspberry trifle
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Mascarpone raspberry trifle

Noooo!!! I can hear you exclaim out loud in utter confusion… Did I not say yesterday that I was gonna be good and losing weight and blablabla?? True, so true… but you see.. this was already made when I wrote that. And I am not gonna eat it all myself! What’re you thinking? Ofcourse I will share.. Gizmo a little…

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Pumpkin pie and happy halloween

You know Halloween is not a big thing here in the Netherlands right? Sure we have the occasional pumpkin and last year, for the first time, we had some kids trick and treating around the streets. Which is tricky for them as there might not be any candy to hand out whatsoever. We do have another tradition here which is…

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Pannacotta | insimoneskitchen.com
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How not to style your pannacotta…

Once upon a time there was this girl that had all these pretty pictures in her head. Beautiful images of wonderfully styled desserts, simple yet effective and made with just the flick of a spoon or in the blink of an eye. But sometimes, every so often, the evil witch came by and made sure that all her desserts looked…

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