Coconut date balls. Sugarfree, glutenfree and all natural | insimoneskitchen.com
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Coconut date balls from Maura

When you’re reading this our whole30 is over (whiehoo!!) but I just had to share this recipe for coconute date balls, because paleo or no paleo, this are always good! Charlotte was with me for a day of cooking and normally we dive into lots of decadent stuff with lots of cream and sugar like this delicious Charlotte or how…

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steamed rice cakes
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Steamed cinnamon rice cakes

Note to self; need to buy a bigger steamer… Note two to self; need to use common sense when putting something in my small steamer… It all started out so well this afternoon. I was going to make steamed rice cakes, a lovely tuna salad (will follow later) and for dinner cola chicken (also later) A couple of days ago…

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Carrot soup | insimoneskitchen.com
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Carrot soup

I had been having stomach troubles all day today (the kind that makes you run to the bathroom about every 5 minutes.. 🙂 ) but I did want to eat something healthy, hoping that it would calm my stomach down… Especially since I have to shoot a wedding tomorrow… Ooo, imagine how that would go in the middle of the…

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