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Mac and cheese Sunday!

It still happens on a very regular basis that I come to the realization that there are still quite a few dishes out there, that I have eaten and that I know but that I never made myself. Well… Duh… Is what you’re probably thinking… Knowing that it’s virtually impossible to make all the dishes in the world right? And…

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Asian hamburgers with sticky rice

As if women cannot make good hamburgers… Pffft… That is my reaction after reading Tom’s story on Dude Food Tuesday… Ha! These little Asian flavored darlings didn’t have too much trouble finding their way into his stomach however. Esmee and I made these during our Asian cooking session last week. Very good with sticky rice and green mango salad. The…

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Day 5-7 whole30 – whole36 Roasted broccoli with garlic

Last weekend we were in Belgium, where good friends Sandra and Alain were getting married… We knew it wouldn’t be easy sticking to our whole30 program during a wedding… We had kind of foreseen that would be an issue and well not surprisingly we didn’t fully stick to it. The dishes we got during dinner were actually quite ok; lots…

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Carrot Fritters – Donna Hay #17

Yes, it is time for another Donna recipe! This was one of those recipes where I didn’t necessarily think it would be really good. Carrot fritters… Nothing came to mind when I read the recipe. Don’t get me wrong; I do like carrot, but generally in the raw variety or in a salad. Or grilled. Very rarely do I cook…

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Spicy flatbread with tabouleh – Donna Hay #16

I am back! What a wonderful weekend we had in Helsinki! We’ve been preparing for months for this workshop and it’s always a bit sudden when it than ends. Even though you know it is coming. After all the troubles we had in organizing everything (I’ll spare you the details) during the workshop everything went smoothly not in the least…

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Coca cola chicken with cashewnuts

I have a very good friend who is addicted to cola. Or maybe addicted is too big a word but it’s her drink of choice, always, everywhere. I have teased her about it plenty of times, but she’s persistent. Not only cola it has to be one brand and it has to be cola light. No other stuff please. About…

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Chickpeas kerala – bookreview Under the Walnut Tree

Every once in a while I get my hands on a book that is just sooo full of fabulous recipes that I keep cooking from it. Under the Walnut Tree is just one such book. Written by mother and daughter, Anna and Fanny Bergenström, it focuses on fresh seasonal produce and is partially Scandinavian inspired and partially very international. Fanny,…

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