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Day#2 – Whole30 – The sugar debate and carrot salad

I can still vividly remember our very first Whole30. We weren’t allowed any sugars, so naturally the first thing that springs to mind is cookies, cakes and candy. But it was a total shock to discover that sugar is literally in almost everything. And when I say everything, I really mean everything… Take for instance a package of ground beef….

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Carrot soup

I had been having stomach troubles all day today (the kind that makes you run to the bathroom about every 5 minutes.. 🙂 ) but I did want to eat something healthy, hoping that it would calm my stomach down… Especially since I have to shoot a wedding tomorrow… Ooo, imagine how that would go in the middle of the…

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Vietnamese carrot salad

Is it the punishment for loving food, that at some point in your life you look into the mirror and you realize that … well… you could do with losing a few kilo’s? More then a few would be a better description..:) Ofcourse you can punish yourself even more and start a crashdiet. Bad for your temper, bad for your…

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