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Beetroot salad with pistache and blueberries – whole30 approved!

How beautiful does this look? I love beetroots; they kind of look a little bit like jewels in this salad especially combined with the blue berries… Yes, I’m still on my whole30 and yes this salad is of course whole30 approved and really really delicious.  I’ve been eating lots of beetroot lately but apparently there are beetroot lovers and beetroot…

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Chocolate beetroot cakes

It’s been a while that we made these beetroot chocolate cakes for a photoshoot Alex and I did and wow, how much we cursed these cakes! Alex had made the cakes in the small caketins from Albert Heijn. Which are cute forms but it gave the beetroot cakes a bit of a weird shape and the styling did not go…

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Quinoa salade
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Quinoa salad with feta and beetroot

It seems there are people out there who do not like beetroot (but than I suspect that would be true of virtually every single ingredient out there) and I can’t really understand why. Despite the fact that beet tends to color heavily – something to take into account when cutting them – I totally love them. I didn’t when I…

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