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Coconut banana pancakes (glutenfree)

Hay fever season I love spring. I think it is one of the best seasons out there. The world turns from grey and boring into fresh green and beautiful. What brings the joy down a bit though is that stupid hay fever… I’ve only had hay fever for a couple of years. It just suddenly started. Which I think is…

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Creamy coconut porridge | insimoneskitchen.com
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Creamy coconut porridge

Suppose you have to choose; breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can only keep one of those eating moment in your life. The other two have to go. What would you pick? Will you keep breakfast? Or if your life not complete without dinner? Let’s be honest, it’s a weird choice to make and I am very fondly attached to all…

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Delicious banana cake with cranberries | insimoneskitchen.com
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Banana! The legendary phrase from the minions.. (I don’t even know which one to be honest. Is it Bob, my favorite?) Talk about minions, have you noticed the complete madness that has broken loose on all things minion? You cannot walk into any store to find at least one, and usually more, items for sale with depict the minions. And…

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Banana bread

If you think about it a banana is really quite a weird kind of fruit. Green it is inedible and has no taste whatsoever, beautiful and yellow it is delicious sweet and good and just a little bit further it is a horrible texture. Horrible texture with brown spots. Eat one banana and it apparently stops you going to the…

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