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Carrot pancakes

Now that I have a slowjuicer, I am regularly left with an overdose of pulp and since I am particularly fond of carrots, I happen to have a lot of carrot pulp. Of course you could toss it away but there is so much you can do with the pulp that I have started experimenting with it and these delicious…

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Pumpkin spiced pancakes

More pancakes? Yes, more pancakes! Can you ever have too many pancakes? Not according to me. These are very different from the ones I showed you earlier. In size, as well as in taste. After I made the pumpkin pie I had quite a bit of pumpkin purée left over so I had to think of another way to use…

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Honey pistachio cake | insimoneskitchen.com
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Sweet honey and pistachio cake

Don’t you just sometimes feel you’re at the mercy of some stranger when it comes to hosting of your blog? Not too long ago I moved from my Dutch hosting guys to Hostgator and while I have to say everything went smoothly up until this morning, I now felt why it makes sense to have a host a little closer…

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Scones | insimoneskitchen.com
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Scones; high tea treat for Monthly mingle

I’m an avid reader of Meeta’s gorgeous and beautiful blog ‘What’s for lunch, honey‘ and so I couldn’t help but find the announcement for the Monthly Mingle on her blog a while ago. I immediately loved the theme which was High tea treats. While High Tea is really a typically English tradition there are a couple of restaurants around here…

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