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Rogan Josh Curry and getting older

Last monday we were visiting my parents and to be totally honest it always makes me kind of depressed. Such a sad sight to see them struggling so much. Both my parents are 80 years old, which is a respectable age, but my mum has been suffering from parkinson’s disease for the last 20 years. And it’s a bad version…

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Lao ginger chicken and Luke Nguyen Greater Mekong

I can’t believe it’s already more then a year ago since we came back from Laos and Cambodia… I still haven’t even edited most of the photos. Guess I’ve been a little swamped with other things since coming back! One thing I do want to share with you today is a beautiful book by the fabulous chef Luke Nguyen. I…

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Snelle dumplings
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Quick dumplings with pork and shrimps

I was browsing through my collection of recipes that I haven’t posted here yet and came across a whole bunch of pictures I took when I was at Esmee’s place in April. The cats where still with their mum at the time (they were 5 weeks old) and ofcourse I took a zillion photos while in between Es and I…

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Vindaloo – spicy curry

It feels like it’s been forever since I last made this recipe. I was cooking up a storm together with my friend Esmee from the blog Es Factory and one of the dishes we were making was these pulled pork buns I showed you earlier. Insanely good ofcourse, but when you have to buy a piece of meat of 2,5…

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