Yes you’re reading that right; I’m about to embark on another Whole30 adventure. I have done a whole30 three times before now (well technically 2,5 times) so you could question why on earth I embark on a 4th one…


Truth be told; I think  – looking back – that my first whole30 was the only one I did seriously without any major fallbacks. The second we quit after a little more than a week and the third was not as dedicated as our first.

The main reason why I want to do a fourth is that I feel my health is not in the best place right now. I struggle with a “thing” in my lower back on the right side which is causing quite intense pains. Not constantly but it can be excruciating at time. I had it checked out last year and it’s not dangerous but pressing on some nerve endings in my back making it a nightmare from time to time. Sitting down is the worst. I can walk and lie down but anything else is painful.

It’s been worse since a few weeks now and I need to do something about it. Painkillers have no effect on the ‘thing’ but I do remember having a particularly bad period last year as well shortly before our third whole30 and I also remember the pain disappearing quite fast when I started on the whole30. It could be a coincidence but I need to try and see what will happen.

So that is one reason to do this. Plus my digestive system is feeling bad lately. Not surprisingly as I have been really bad with my food intake as well. Major reason number two.

Reason number three is that I need to lose weight as well. For me it is actually more important to become fit but I know from past experience that one will follow the other, so I am looking forward to that part as well.

One thing I need to get better at compared to previous ones is the planning. I think I kind of felt I was good enough at making up recipes when doing my third one and than ended up not doing all that well as I thought I did…

I also want to start doing sports or at least regular walks. I know that my energy will suck around week 2 or so but I can still walk, I am sure of that!

Plus I will be sharing daily updates here on my progress so far, my  mood and whatever changes I find in my body. I will also share recipes I have made so stay tuned.

Likely startdate: May 6th 2015