I get comments on it sometimes. I see critical notes pass by every once in a while. Sometimes from other bloggers who are angry because ‘that other person’ write about a brand/restaurant/event (fill in as needed) and yes, you have seen some sponsored posts pass by here as well. I don’t make a secret out of that. Yes, I get paid once in a while for a blog post. Is that wrong? I think not.

sponsored1   Will I do anything for the sake of money? No definitely not. I try and handle it with care. I will only post things I either believe in myself, would use myself or something I can use. I have said no – more times than you would think – to big names and a lot of money. Because I didn’t believe in the brand, the concept or the idea behind the post. And I can also tell you that the decision to do sponsored posts hasn’t been made lightly either.

But I do spend an insane amount of time on my blog. A lot of time. And it is nice if there is some sort of financial compensation to make up for that.  Just so I can spend more time blogging and making delicious dishes and – in short – do the things I love.

I thought it was time to get it out there. Because I hear sometimes people gossiping behind other people’s back about it. And I don’t really understand why. If done in a mindful way, it is not a bad thing. I always try and keep the balance between advertising and regular posts and at the moment it is usually once a week or less that I do something with an ad in it and it is always clearly disclosed on top of the post. So you can easily skip if you don’t want to read anything sponsored but sometimes there is nice give aways or other really nice offers that go along with it. And that sounds to me like a win/win situation right?

Anyway, I wanted to just mention it. And I am always open to constructive criticism… 🙂