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Flat chickenburger |
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DudeFood Tuesday: ‘No meat’ flatbread burger with chicken

People from Argentina are big meat lovers. Plates stacked with big steaks and thick, juicy spare ribs are more than common in this country. Eating meat is the standard hear and when you say that you are a vegetarian and don’t eat meat, Argentineans often respond with: “Oh, that’s no problem. Then we’ll make you something with chicken.” Sounds like…

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Tempura prawns with chipotle mayo |
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Dude Food Tuesday: How to handle a winterdepression?

We are already halfway through November and a lot of people are starting with their annual winterdepression. The ever present buzz of complaints about life in general and not perfect bodies (read: “I am too fat, to run around the beach in a bikini of size extra small), becomes louder and louder when the days become shorter and the weather…

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Dudefood Tuesday: Fiesta Dudica, Take the taco both ways

¡Hola, amigos Dudicos del mundo! ¿Qué tal? ¿Tambien se siente apetito en comido muy macho? When I starte speak Español, you all know this Dude is in a fiesta mood.  No suprise I want to party because  we have an anniversary to celebrate. Yup, it’s the 40th Dude Food Tuesday already. Time flies… and the Dude Food recipes too! Anyway,…

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