Ceviche |
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Ceviche and summer time

Where did the summer go? I am not sure what you think happened but so far I find the summer rather disappointing. We had a few good days, followed by a few days of rain, followed by a few days of sun and it goes on like this. A typical Dutch summer I would think… Traditionally it is also a…

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Red snapper with spring onion salad |
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Pressuretest: red snapper a la masterchef australia

The ‘mysterybox/pressuretest’ bag had already been delivered on friday. It was something with fish, that was as much as we knew and the recipes didn’t appear to be overly complicated. So we set to work on the Sunday and started with opening the sealed fish bag and unfolded four complete fishes! And with complete, I mean complete…. Scales, intestines, the…

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Sweet and sour prawns in 15 minutes |
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15 minute recipe: sweet sour prawns

Sometimes you’re gonna have those days where you just do not have any time, you don’t feel like cooking and you just want to get it over with. For those days it is good to have a couple of go to recipes that are quick and healthy and take you something like 15 minutes. A little bit like Jamie’s famous…

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Spicy salmonburger in the remake

Spicy salmon burger you’ll want to make again and again! One of the downsides of the life of a foodblogger is the fact that I rarely make a recipe twice. There are a few notable exceptions; success recipes that are so easy and so good that I keep making them. This salmon burger is a prime example of that. It’s…

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tonijn gegaard in ceviche
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Citrus cured tuna salad

With all that sweet stuff you see passing here lately you might begin to wonder if I ever eat anything savory at all. Well yeeesssss, ofcourse! How could you even think I didn’t? As I told you I got the beautiful book Lemongrass and Ginger Cookbook: Vibrant Asian Recipes by Leemei and decided to make two recipes out of it….

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