The fastest cheesecake ever |
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The fastest cheesecake ever!

Cheesecake that’ll take you only 5 minutes to make! I have this thing for cheesecake. I just looooove the flavors and ever since I baked my first one for a Daring Bakers challenge ages ago I was hooked. The only downside to baking a cheesecake that it takes a while. About an hour in the oven and than – technically…

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Flat chickenburger |
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DudeFood Tuesday: ‘No meat’ flatbread burger with chicken

People from Argentina are big meat lovers. Plates stacked with big steaks and thick, juicy spare ribs are more than common in this country. Eating meat is the standard hear and when you say that you are a vegetarian and don’t eat meat, Argentineans often respond with: “Oh, that’s no problem. Then we’ll make you something with chicken.” Sounds like…

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Kale salad with blue cheese and almonds |
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Kale salad with blue cheese

I’ve been on an autumn and winter veggies roll lately with pumpkin, salsify, Brussels sprouts and of course kale. Traditionally we eat a lot of kale in the Netherlands mashed with potatoes and served with a ‘rookworst’ (smoked sausage). Totally delicious and perfect for the colder days but sometimes I want something a little different and quite frankly I think…

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Mixed bean salad with roquefort |
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Mixed bean salad with roquefort

Or what a bean salad has to do with blogging Yesterday (it’s saturday when I’m writing this) I was at a conference on entrepreneur ship. Organised by Marie Claire and fellow blogger Nathalie and I had signed up for the masterclass with Anna Nooshin and another one with Annic van Wonderen. Both ladies just recently completed a book on that…

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