Mixed bean salad with roquefort |
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Mixed bean salad with roquefort

Or what a bean salad has to do with blogging Yesterday (it’s saturday when I’m writing this) I was at a conference on entrepreneur ship. Organised by Marie Claire and fellow blogger Nathalie and I had signed up for the masterclass with Anna Nooshin and another one with Annic van Wonderen. Both ladies just recently completed a book on that…

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Carrot pancakes

Now that I have a slowjuicer, I am regularly left with an overdose of pulp and since I am particularly fond of carrots, I happen to have a lot of carrot pulp. Of course you could toss it away but there is so much you can do with the pulp that I have started experimenting with it and these delicious…

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Creamy coconut porridge |
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Creamy coconut porridge

Suppose you have to choose; breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can only keep one of those eating moment in your life. The other two have to go. What would you pick? Will you keep breakfast? Or if your life not complete without dinner? Let’s be honest, it’s a weird choice to make and I am very fondly attached to all…

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Greek salad by George Colombaris |
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It’s salad time!

I saw a few of you wonder what was happening… It almost feels sometimes as if my dude is taking over my kitchen! But rest assured he is just stepping in since I’ve been completely swamped with work and hey, to be honest, it’s quite convenient to have Tom take on a few roles here… With all the work going…

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Ceviche |
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Ceviche and summer time

Where did the summer go? I am not sure what you think happened but so far I find the summer rather disappointing. We had a few good days, followed by a few days of rain, followed by a few days of sun and it goes on like this. A typical Dutch summer I would think… Traditionally it is also a…

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