Burned butter waffles |
Breakfast, Desserts

Burned maple butter waffles

Waffles baby! Ever since I can remember I have this thing for waffles. Whenever I see them or rather, smell them, they call out my name and I just have to have one… Sometimes that is good, other times it is slightly disappointing. I’m sure we’ve all had those moments where you bite into a waffle and the crunch you’re…

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Peanut butter panna cotta with chocolate sauce |

Peanut butter panna cotta with chocolate sauce

Peanut butter heaven One of my most popular recipes on the site is the peanut butter cheesecake from Nigella. It was an odd one as it is so heavy that just a tiny bit of cheesecake was more than enough for me. However, all men that tried it could easily devour an entire big piece. So not sure what that…

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Pie with puff pastry and fruits |
Cake and cookies, Desserts, Dude Food Tuesday

Dude Food Tuesday: concerning Pokemon and sweet pastries

The Pokemon frenzy hasn’t ended yet. Last week I mentioned that my street was transformed in a Woodstock like sit in for Pokemon hunters and I couldn’t barely cross the street anymore. When someone throws a lure on the Pokestop two houses away, our gentle street is flooded by drewling Pokemon trainers armed with mobile phones. Feverish these blokes are…

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The fastest cheesecake ever |
Desserts, Quick

The fastest cheesecake ever!

Cheesecake that’ll take you only 5 minutes to make! I have this thing for cheesecake. I just looooove the flavors and ever since I baked my first one for a Daring Bakers challenge ages ago I was hooked. The only downside to baking a cheesecake that it takes a while. About an hour in the oven and than – technically…

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Chocolate meringue cakes with pistachio |
Desserts, Recipes

Chocolate meringue with pistachio

I did promise you some sweets didn’t I? While we are biting our lips not to lick the screen right now and are not allowed any sugar (boehoe…) I saved this one for a rainy day. And believe me, I am literally drooling as I am typing this! As we speak we are on day 13 of the whole30 so…

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rhubarb strawberry jam |
Basics, Desserts, Recipes

Rhubarb strawberry jam

Making jam is not something I do very often. Not because it is insanely difficult to do but well, it is just one of those things that I never really get around to doing. But I’ve been into rhubarb madness lately and as things go; when Esmee and I were cooking up a storm last week I had a big…

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