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Pie with puff pastry and fruits |
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Dude Food Tuesday: concerning Pokemon and sweet pastries

The Pokemon frenzy hasn’t ended yet. Last week I mentioned that my street was transformed in a Woodstock like sit in for Pokemon hunters and I couldn’t barely cross the street anymore. When someone throws a lure on the Pokestop two houses away, our gentle street is flooded by drewling Pokemon trainers armed with mobile phones. Feverish these blokes are…

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Custard fig tart |
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Custard tart with figs and roasted marzipan

I’ve had a few really frustrating days behind me. Frustrating because things didn’t turn out the way I had pictured. Frustrated because feedback from the client took hours (days). Frustrated because my whole planning went overboard, but most of all frustrated because no one is really very happy with the end result. I guess bad vibes all over. Thank god,…

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Delicious banana cake with cranberries |
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Banana! The legendary phrase from the minions.. (I don’t even know which one to be honest. Is it Bob, my favorite?) Talk about minions, have you noticed the complete madness that has broken loose on all things minion? You cannot walk into any store to find at least one, and usually more, items for sale with depict the minions. And…

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Rhubarb hazelnut cake |
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Rhubarb hazelnut cake

Rhubarb hazelnut and almond cake And?  Have you gone wild with rhubarb yet? I have been waiting forever (or so it seems) for the  season to start and than I still manage to miss that exact moment that the pretty pink stalks appears in the stores. But they are here; those lovely pink stalks with that amazing flavor that goes…

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