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Plate to Page – Experience of a lifetime!


Words are tumbling through my mind as I am thinking back to the last 4 days. Days filled with amazing people, new friends and an overall great experience at the first ever Plate to Page workshop in Weimar, Germany.

When I saw the first announcement on Jamie’s blog months ago I never hesitated but immediately signed up for the foodstyling, photography and foodwriting workshop. What I had not realized at the time was that I would also be meeting a lot of great new people.

It was slightly overwhelming to meet everyone when I arrived in Weimar on thursday. I had decided to go one day early so I could relax a bit before starting the actual workshop on friday. And that was not a bad idea since most of us came at the same time. Ken and Mitch had already arrived from New York, Arthi was there from London, Ishay and her husband Jelle from South Africa and ofcourse our fabulous instructors Meeta, Jamie, Ilva and Jeanne were there too.


The 6 of us (and with Jasmine joining later, that made 7) went for dinner to Divan. Have you ever been to dinner with a bunch of foodbloggers? I mean; yes, I know I am crazy and I am used to people staring at me when I take photos of my food in a restaurant but I had never actually been in the company of other foodbloggers at a dinner. You can probably tell by the photo above that we drove our poor waiter slightly mad. We almost forgot to order and once it finally arrived we almost forgot to eat. 🙂 Talk about obsession. But it was fun and we all got along straight away. We were so busy chatting and taking photos that the food was almost an afterthought…


Friday was the official start of the workshop and we introduced ourselves and our blogs after which the official program started with writing exercises and styling and photography exercises. Day one was all about restaurant photography and how to deal with low light situations.


I am not going to give you all the details as I am sure you’re now all dying to get a spot on the next Plate to Page workshop which is in Italy. It might be full already but be sure to check the plate to page website for more details on that if you want to join.

I had never expected to have such a fantastic time. Sure you sign up for something with the idea that it’s gonna be fun, but it was so much more then that. We had an amazing group of people together and that probably made all the difference. Our instructors are all warm and lovely people and they made this all an unforgettable experience for us.

There is so much to tell that I don’t know where to start. So I’ll keep it short for now and just let you enjoy the photos of a fantastic experience with a fantastic group of people… O and let’s not forget our fantastic (yes, I know a lot of fantastic’s here… not good writing!! Sorry Jamie and Jeanne..) sponsors! I will be sharing some more on the food we had and shot and the results of some of the assignments.





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