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Making your own bacon crumble

It’s a well know fact that everything tastes better if you add a little bacon to it. Sweet or savoury is irrelevant. Bacon is a flavor that can add huge yumminess to lots of different recipes. When you roast a big piece of meat in the oven and you’re afraid it might get dry, adding strips of bacon can be…

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Accidents hide in little corners….

What was supposed to be the highlight of our trip to Norway ended up being the absolute lowpoint: a dogsledding trip with Alaskan Husky Tours. The day started out really well. We were all looking forward to this day which would include dogsledding, a sleighride and a visit to a reindeer farm. All good things on the last day! But…

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Lemon and thyme bundt cake |
Desserts & Baking, Holidays

Lemon thyme cake by Nigella

Many things have been said about Nigella in the recent past but quite frankly I don’t care about all the gossip. I was rather curious when I heard she had a new book out with the title ‘Simply Nigella’. I love Nigella for her food philosophy and had to laugh when I read the foreword. She has a very outspoken…

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Willemstad, Curacao |
Curacao, North- and South America, Travel

Snapshots Curacao

As I am writing this I am sitting on our terrace outside of our appartment while it’s still very warm outside. Possibly 29˚C or there about. The temperature here doesn’t fluctuate that much. Each day it rises to about 33 ˚C and then ‘cools down’ to 29 in the evening. Yes, I am still in Curacao as we speak. Sadly…

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