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Rocky road with marshmallows |
Desserts & Baking

It’s a Rocky Road

I thought the title of this delicious treat was perfect for my current predicament (ok, I’ve always wanted to use this word, but it just never seems right… Lol) Just also to give you an update on what is going on with my ankles. Last Tuesday I went back to the hospital to have a checkup, new photos taken and…

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Would you eat insects if all else was gone? |

Would you eat insects if all else was gone?

It’s a hot topic apparently or so scientists would like us to believe it is… eating insects is sustainable, good for you and good for the environment. Farms are rising up here and there around the country. Farms that do not grown vegetables or animals but are solely there to grown worms or some other kind of edible insect. I’ve…

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Coconut oatmeal with oranges |
Breakfast, Recipes

Oatmeal with orange and coconut milk

If asked would you say you are the breakfast kind of person or not? Breakfast is hot at the moment (or maybe it has always been hot) and here in the Netherlands that is proven by a couple of new cookbooks that recently came out on the sole subject of breakfast. I’ve always been a breakfast kind of girl and…

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hasselback potatoes |
Dude Food Tuesday, Recipes, Sidedish

Dudefood Tuesday: We want Hassel back

Happy New Year!!! You probably heard this one hundred times already this week and all the Dudettes and Misseses have been kissed countless times for best wishes by those men you try to avoid for the best part of the year. Everybody knows those guys (most often your boss) that lurk behind the coffee machine at the office waiting until…

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other stuff

A year gone by and looking ahead

It’s odd how things can change. Had I known upfront how my year would end I might have done things differently. Or would I? I guess that is one of those questions you can’t really answer. My year started off slow, at least professionally. Not a lot of jobs and I was getting worried until somewhere in april all tables…

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Slowcooker recipes with beef and cinnamon |
Dinner & sides

Slowcooker : Stew with prunes and cinnamon

Happy New Year!! Sorry, I think I’m a little late but I’ve been a little bit behind on things lately anyway and the English version of Simone’s Kitchen has suffered a bit as a consequence. But I’m promising I’m gonna do better this year. It’s not as if I don’t have time at the moment.. Lol… Time in abundance, which…

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