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Chameleons of Madagascar
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Travel ; Creatures of Madagascar

If you’ve ever been to Madagascar I’m sure you were as blown away as me by the variety of slightly odd creatures you find there. It’s a unique country in many ways, but we went there to see the lemurs and the chameleons more than anything else. The lemurs are unique to Madagascar as they cannot survive in any other…

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Blogging is dead?

You hear it more and more often: blogging is dead or Almost dead. It’s the thing your grandparents started but kids these days are on snapchat, periscope or one of those other new channels. If they are looking for a review on a machine or book (if they would still read a book, because wasn’t printed media dead too??) they…

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Sandwich with spicy meatloaf filled with peanut sauce |
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Minced Meat Mania: Meatball sandwich with a nutty surprise

Today I would like to give honors again to one of my favorite ingredients; minced meat. And in the Netherlands the meatball with peanutsauce is a very favorite dish. Especially when it’s served on a soft bun. Actually, Dutch people eat peanut sauce (also named satay sauce often) with practically everything. Even with fries in stead of mayonaise, or even…

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