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Getting fit, the hard way….

Back in the day – roughly eight months ago – when I could still walk and move like a normal person (for as far as I even know what normal is…lol) it was much easier to lose weight. I could even have a snack here and there and still lose some kilo’s in the process. But now that moving is…

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The end of an era…

I started Junglefrog Cooking more than 8 years ago now. That eventually (through lots of stupid mistakes and other errors) progressed into In Simone’s Kitchen. But times have changed. I have changed and I found recently that I didn’t feel as motivated as before to ad new posts. Time to move on. Simone’s Kitchen will still exist under the Dutch…

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The fastest cheesecake ever |
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The fastest cheesecake ever!

Cheesecake that’ll take you only 5 minutes to make! I have this thing for cheesecake. I just looooove the flavors and ever since I baked my first one for a Daring Bakers challenge ages ago I was hooked. The only downside to baking a cheesecake that it takes a while. About an hour in the oven and than – technically…

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Flat chickenburger |
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DudeFood Tuesday: ‘No meat’ flatbread burger with chicken

People from Argentina are big meat lovers. Plates stacked with big steaks and thick, juicy spare ribs are more than common in this country. Eating meat is the standard hear and when you say that you are a vegetarian and don’t eat meat, Argentineans often respond with: “Oh, that’s no problem. Then we’ll make you something with chicken.” Sounds like…

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