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Strangely enough I had never tasted lassi while being in India (ok, I have been in India for about 5 days for work 6 years ago, so it doesn’t really count for much!) and only ever tasted it here in the Netherlands. Once a mango lassi, which appears to be all you can find here and once a lychee lassi; about two weeks ago. I had a photoshoot with Nadig, who is native to Mauritius but has lived in the Netherlands for quite some time. She is attempting to start up a little business of her own by giving workshops in Indian cooking. Now I can tell you firsthand that she can cook perfect Indian meals! Her aunt was there while we had the photoshoot as well, so I got all the traditional cooking shown to me and ofcourse we tasted it all after shooting.

We ended the shoot with the delicious lassi you see above. Initially we had tried to find fresh lychees but it is apparently not the season, so nowhere to be found. These lychees are therefore the tinned variety but it did certainly not diminish in the taste of the drink. Very nice and very refreshing and not too sweet either. All the ingredients that went in it are on the tray in the picture above and to be quite honest I do not have the exact recipe for you, but if I will receive it from Nadig I will definitely share. Or you can just wing it and try it out for yourself; ingredients include fresh yogurt, mint, lychees, icecubes, cardamom, coconut milk and hmmm, I can see some other spice there but I can’t really remember which it was! If any of you have a good lychee recipe feel free to share and leave it in the comments!

You have probably also noticed that my blog has a new look. I had changed my Dutch blog a couple of days ago and in comparison I then suddenly felt that this blog was also in need of a spring cleaning. So it is changed! I kind of like the new look; but would love to know your thought ofcourse. Do I need to change anything? Pictures too big, too small, layout too wide? (I have a rather large 24″ screen but have no idea how it looks on a smaller screen, so if you have a small screen please let me know how it looks! I can change the width of the layout. Currently set at 1260 px. I like space, but if it looks wrong on other screens than I would love to know.

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Lychee lassi |

Also if you live in the Netherlands and would love to follow a workshop Indian Cooking then please send me a note, so I can pass it on to Nadig.