While we are almost in the middle part of our whole30 going down the decline on the other end, I saw a small article in a health and fitness magazine about the effect of chocolate on memory decline. ‘An excuse to eat more chocolate!!’ was my first – slightly overdone – reaction. Chocoholic anyone? But of course, if only it were so simple.

Imagine how much fun life would be if you would just have to eat a chocolate bar each day to prevent any kind of memory loss? Now that would be awesome right, but a little bit further digging revealed a far less happy picture.

Chocolate dessert

Cocoa (and we’re talking about the raw chocolate here, nothing too processed!) contains a substance that is called flavonol and that has been shown to have an effect on the part of our brain where we form memories. Still sounds good right? However, in a test that was conducted by the Colombia University, Scot Small,  neurologist, had 19 test subjects drink 900 mg of flavonol each day. That’s quite a bit of chocolate I imagine. They could drink it with milk or water but still a pretty substantial amount.

After three months the group of people that got the flavonol reacted faster, had 20% more bloodflow to certain parts of their brain and by the looks of it, things looked quite promising.

Obviously there is probably lots more testing to be done but I foresee a future where my older self can just nibble on a dark chocolate bar while solving complicated mathematical problems…

For more on the topic and on a more serious note, read the article here