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Hanasand Gård & Kjøkken – Rennesøy

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Hanasand gard in Rennesoy |

Did you know we have our own tiny little vegetable plot since this year? It’s maybe not even worth mentioning but we have rocket, tomatoes, salad, chives, parsley, rosemary, thyme and lemonmelisse (not sure if that is the correct name for this herb, will look it up!) O and a lavas plant. Not everything is snail proof I have to say but the tomatoes are growing like crazy. And we’ve been eating quite a bit of the tomatoes from those three tiny plants! They’re producting enormous quantities. That is so much fun!

But to be honest, I didn’t know anything at all about tomatoes. I didn’t even know that tomatoes last only one year.. (yes, yes, I know!)

Tomato growing |

During our trip to Norway I was very interested in our visit to Hanasand, where they have an enormous tomato farm.

Stig (I can’t help but thinking in my head ‘Stig Larsson’ every time I hear that name) Jacob Hanasand and his wife Monica run the farm together with their five kids… They grow no less than 22 species of tomato, on a total land of 17000 square meters from small and sweet cherry tomatoes to coeur de boeuff tomatoes (of which they delivered massive quantities to the  Gladmat festival for use on the hamburgers!)
Stig’s wife Monica is also really creative in the kitchen and makes the most beautiful products with the tomatoes and other produce from the farm. (she was not there during our visit, as she had to work at the Gladmat Festival) There is green tomato jam, tomato and apple chutney, but also pumpkin chutney… Their (fairly small) production of strawberries also means they have some strawberry jam and there best sold product is arguably the chili jam.

I brought home some chili jam, green tomato jam, tomato and apple chutney and raspberry vinegar…. and yay, it arrived in one piece! I was a little scared that the raspberry bottle would break but it held. So expect to see some delicious recipes with those later!

Chilijam from Hanasand |

Thanks to Stig I now know a lot more about tomatoes (for instance that they are annual plants…) and I learned that green tomatoes are not toxic but can be made into all sort of deliciousness. The tomatoes ripen from the top down, so if the top is ripe, the bottom ones might still be green. With all those leftover green ones, Monica decided to make something new.

Tomatoes |

Since roughly a year the former they have build a beautiful garden cafe with a little shop and all sorts of gorgeous fresh produce. You can go there for lunch (open between 10 and 3 pm) or just buy some of the specialties of Monica. We had a delicious lunch with the best tomato soup ever…. We were all hoping to get the recipe from the chef but I think she either thought we were joking or she didn’t want to give it up.. I can’t blame her!

If you’re in the area it definitely is worth a visit. The location is also perfect for parties, weddings and birthdays. Check it out here

Farm cafe at Hanasand gard |

Hanasand Gård & Kjøkken

Hanasandveien 540
4150 Rennesøy


Disclaimer: We were in Stavanger and the region by invitation of  Visit Norway, Cherry Picker and Regio Stavanger

Visiting with labcoats |

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  1. karin@yumandmore posted August 1, 2014 at 9:04 am

    Wow! who knew! Norway looks amazing.


    • Simone van den Berg replied on August 1st, 2014 at 10:16 am

      It does, doesn’t it? I lost my heart… ;)

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