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Another halloumi salad…

Halloumi salad |

Remember I had that delicious lentil salad a while ago with halloumi? For those of you that have never heard of Halloumi; it is traditionally a Cypriot cheese and it made from a mixture of goat’s and sheeps milk although apparently some have cow’s milk in there as well. It can be heated far higher then regular cheese due to a higher melting point which makes it perfect for frying.

And that is exactly what I did with the remainder of my halloumi cheese; before I opened the package it could keep for months or even up to a year, but once opened; well, you all know the drill right? So once the package was opened I had to make something else out of it. I will buy another package soon, as I really like the salty taste and frying it gives it a lovely crunch. But because it was lunchtime and I had some leftover ingredients I needed to use I made another salad and fried the remaining bit of halloumi. One word of warning though; if you do fry it in oil (I used sunflower oil) it spatters enormously which makes it hard to turn the cheese to brown it evenly. I hate spattering oil! The salad was absolutely lovely again; I tossed in rocket, mint, smoked chicken and the halloumi and as a dressing I used a bottle of some kind of balsamic vinegar spray that I bought a while ago but hadn’t used. It’s perfect for salads as you really just mist it over the leaves and it gives a lovely taste. Not as outspoken as regular balsamic as it is white, but it’s really good. I’ve got to look up the name of it as I am not sure what it is called. I have never seen it in a regular store and have only been able to find it in the wholesale store I come once in a while.

Halloumi salad | insimoneskitchen.comI think I originally saw this recipe somewhere forgot about it and then changed it to my liking. Haha, I think the only resemblance to the original is probably the rocket and the halloumi!

Whatever the case; if you have not tried halloumi before; give it a go if you can find it.

Then I have to apologize (again) for not visiting your blogs as often as I want to. I have been busy redesigning my other blog, working, trying to keep up with sports and family things. Not good family things either… Tom’s parents were gone on holiday to Curacao, lucky enough to be able to leave just after the airspace was declared good to go again, but his mom has been admitted to the hospital in Curacao for kidney failure and lung problems. Overall, really not good and she is not allowed back until her lungs are cleared again, so they will be there longer then the planned 10 days. Which really sucks given the circumstances, but there is not much we can do. Communication is really hard as they have a prepaid phone, plus calling with the hospital is hard as it is not always allowed (for logical reasons of course) so we really hope that she will recover soon and be able to fly back home. In the meantime we are taking care of their two cats, who are getting seriously annoyed – as only cats can do – for being on their own and not being allowed outside. Even though we spend some time with them every day! Ungrateful little creatures they are… 🙂

I really hope that they will be back here soon, as everyone is really concerned..

In any case; as you can probably imagine: it’s been hectic here and when it wasn’t I don’t always feel like being behind the computer anymore then for regular work stuff. So apologies for not spending as much time on all your lovely blogs as I should but I will try and catch up and be better at it. I even missed Daring Cooks AND Daring Bakers challenges this month. Hope they don’t kick me out!!

But… if you’re in need of a lovely quick salad just put some rocket, smoked chicken, bacon, halloumi and a dressing of your liking together and enjoy. I really don’t have any measurements, so just throw in whatever you have. I would have loved some fresh tomatoes in here as well. Would have been good too!

And hey; I did promise you a good salad today, didn’t I?


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  1. Simone I LOVE your other blog. I think it showcases your work beautifully, which I guess is the point of it. Haloumi is a great cheese but needs to be cooked. I loveit in salads like the one you describe, but also just by itself, grilled over a fire, with a splash of lemon juice. Delicious!

  2. You make the most gorgeous salads!

    blowing peachkisses
    The Peach Kitchen
    peach and things

  3. I love fried haloumi…all crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside…Just amazing!

  4. The salad looks great!

    I’m sorry to hear about Tom’s mother. I hope she gets better quickly.

  5. WOW! A beautiful and healthy salad.

  6. What a georgous & tasty haloumi salad, Simone!

    MMMMMMM,….lovely food!
    PS/ I buy my quinoa flakes at my bio shop! You can’t find it in the supermarket!

  7. My salads never look as good as yours! Great Salad.

  8. I love halloumi, it has a lovely texture when fried, thanks for the recipe idea!!!!
    Hope Tom’s mother get well soon.

  9. This is so fresh and delicious looking! I wish your Mother in law all the best – speedy recovery so she can get back home.

  10. Isn’t halloumi the cheese used in the Greek Dish: Saganaki? The fried cheese with lemon that is so deadly delicious? I believe it is. So, it can only be extraordinary fried! YUM.

  11. It sure sounds like life isn’t boring or you… Hope things get more boring soon.
    And, I never made anything with haloumi yet. I really should try it.

  12. Looks so fresh and delicious! I really should try it!

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