Haarlem culinair & Dutch snacks!

Today we wanted to go an do something fun together, so I checked the internet this morning to see what we could be doing on a slightly rainy sunday. As it turned out the shops in Haarlem would be open, so a nice opportunity to buy some useless articles…:)
You know those moments when you go into town and you don’t really want to buy anything but well.. you end up with buying all sorts of junk.
When we arrived in Haarlem the weather started to deteriorate pretty quickly and it was raining almost the entire time. Not very hard, but still hard enough to get wet. Sofar for summer in Holland!
It was also the weekend of Haarlem culinary, which means that a couple of restaurants are setup in the square with tents and you can sample all sorts of food. I had been there a couple of years before with one of my friends, but I think Haarlem culinair is really the best in the evening and not in the afternoon.

We ended up buying a few kitchen accessoires; which a person always needs, right? A few small bowls, a wooden honeydrip, very tiny jam-jars which I might use for something fun for the next photoshoot, new purple napkins, a teatowel in lovely old fashioned red and… I think that is about it. Yesterday I had already discovered a ‘new’ kitchenshop in Amsterdam, Duikelman. Well, not new at all ofcourse, but I just had never been there and it was amazing, so I had bought various little things there as well. Apart from the fact that I am going to be using them for cooking, I also always have in the back of my mind, that I might need some of them for styling the photos. I try to use it for both, to make it worth the money, as some of the things really are quite expensive. I find all those kitchen shops just irresistable and Haarlem is actually filled with quite a few ones. Dille & Kamille ofcourse, Cook & Co. and a few other ones that I don’t remember the names of.
While we were searching for the next place to have a good cup of coffee we received a phonecall from the alarm central, that there was a burglar alert in the studio. Just our luck. As it turns out it was a false alarm, and we didn’t have to go there, but still… I hate it when that happens!!
We ended up having coffee somewhere out of town, close to Amsterdam.

First coffee and then we felt like having something more savory so we have a typical Dutch snack; bitterballen, kaas and osseworst!!


I am sure it doesn’t look all that appetizing, but it actually was… For those of you who are not Dutch; the ‘famous’ Dutch bitterball, is like croquet… which is also very Dutch, but it has a crunchy crust and a type of meat ragout in the middle… Hmm… not sure how to explain!

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