Last saturday it was the second lesson of the cooking course at Kookstudio Amsterdam and the lesson was this time chicken and other fowl. I should have waited with making the stock for the Daring Cooks challenge as I would have had plenty of bones!! But as we all know the date for the Daring Cooks was shortly before the date of our lesson so that wasn’t possible. 🙂

We’ve mutilated a couple of chickens and cut a quail into appropriate size portions… I am not going to be making this a very long post as I have been behind the computer too long and my right wrist is kind of bothering me, so I have to take as little computertime as I can; which is hard in my profession!! But ok, so I will let the photos speak for itself plus this little video below that I shot as well of Rob cutting the quail. It’s in Dutch but the video speaks for itself I think. Have fun and I hope I will be able to have more text next week. Fingers crossed!!