I know there are quite a lot of posts already on the site, but those have all been transferred from the ‘old’ blog, sooo.. this is the first official post from the brand new blog, which is still in the process of building. It’s the first time I am actually using specific software on my own domain and to be honest, I was very pleased with myself that I got everything to work yesterday! I am behind a computer a lot, so I do know something about it, but editing php or setting up database in MySQL stuff is not something I do on a regular basis, but thanks to the extensive manual from wordpress I managed! So now it’s still a lot of tweaking and customization of the site. Changing fonts (what do you think of the font?) and changing things around etc…

The above photo is another one that I did for the catering company this week; chickenfillet with green beans, curry and rice. It was a really hard dish to photograph and this was the angle that worked best. Still not my favorite of the day (those are the spareribs) but ok. The catering company is happy with it, which is the most important!

Back to editing the site now…:)

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