Content and happy to be home!

Content and happy to be home!

When it comes to our cats we are real softies… Maybe because we have gotten older and more careful, or maybe because we feel that our fabulous threesome will run into trouble faster than our previous cats… Who knows…

But the fact of the matter is that it took us a year to decide wether or not the cats could be outside. Because outside it is dangerous and potential cat disasters are around every corner. But the bottomline was that we felt they would be happier outdoors, especially now that spring is here. So about a month ago we took the plunge and let them out for the first time.

And that was exiting. Not only for us but also for the cats; initially they stayed close to home, running back in as soon as they heard a weird noise, but (too) soon they started venturing further out and explore the other gardens around the house.

En wie ligt daar op de kast illegaal te slapen?

And who is sleeping on the bookshelf??

And last week it happened; there was no cat to be found anywhere near the house and we really had to leave (it was the monday evening of the radioshow) Only Humphrey decided it would be ok to come in when I called him (which was really more luck than anything else) So we had to leave while the cats where still outdoors.

It was around 9.30 pm when we got home and the first thing we did was run to the backdoor expecting to see two cats in front of the door but nothing. Not cat to be found. Shit… Not good news. I got visions in my head of cats run over, locked into sheds of owners out on vacation or locked in a house… We made a round through the neighborhood, calling their names but ofcourse nothing, except the red cat of three doors down, who came to see what all the fuss was about.

It was getting close to 10 pm when we went back in. We left the gardendoors open (leaving Humphrey in the hallway) and went to look at Masterchef (which we taped) and after about half an hour or so madam Sookie came in the door as if nothing was the matter. One more to go. So we went back into the backyard and there she was; in the neighbors garden looking at us. So we called her name, tried to lure her in with food, treats and whatever we could think of, but she just looked at us and did the occassional miauw. Maddening! ‘You don’t seriously think I will come when you call me right?’ I could almost hear it by looking at her face in the now dark.

So what to do? We obviously had to get to sleep at some point and it was close to 11.30 pm. Tomorrow would be an early day and I would have a shoot for the entire day so busy schedule ahead. So we decided to leave her outside, close the door and see what happens. So we did and we went to bed.

I actually slept rather well (I know, bad catmum!) but I was up at 6 am and the first I did was get in that damn garden again in my pyama’s and whisper her name (to early to start yelling at 6 am right?) Within a few minutes I heard her loud and clear miauwing and a small face with big round panick eyes poked over the edge of the outdoor couch of the neighbors. But still she did not come when I called her. She kept miauwing and looking scared, but stayed where she was. So I turned around and left to go inside and within a split second she was behind me and ran indoors as fast as she could.

Clearly she had not liked being outdoors all night all by herself. She was sooo happy to be inside again. The rest of the day she slept, exhausted from her adventure and when the other two went outside, she stayed in. She did do a little walk around our garden but went quickly back in.

Her adventure made an impression, although I’m pretty sure it’s not gonna be a lasting one. I would like it to be.. 😉 But she’s starting to go out again more often but sofar she’s not been away for long periods, so fingers crossed it stays that way!


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