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Dairy of a whole30 week #1 |

Diary of a whole30: week #1

Day #1: Ain’t the first day always the very very easiest? Full of motivation and still pumped to get started. Or at least that is how I felt on day 1. I was totally ready to get going and totally fed up with eating junkfood and eating unhealthy stuff and feeling crap. So that was a good beginning. I was…

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paleo home cooking |
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Bookreview: Paleo Homecooking

Talk about long overdue: I received the beautiful book from Sonia a pretty long time ago. I can’t even remember the exact date and I had meant to cook from it and write a review but as it turned out an accident kind of made the rest of my year obsolete and I totally forgot about the book. But now…

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Making your own fudge from scratch |
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Making your own fudge – the easy way

Making your own fudge the (very) easy way I had always thought that making fudge would be hard. It would require endless hours spend behind the stove, measures the temperature on sugar, boiling it to a whatever stage and than crossing your fingers to hope that the end result might actually be edible. Of course I was never hindered by…

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Getting fit, the hard way….

Back in the day – roughly eight months ago – when I could still walk and move like a normal person (for as far as I even know what normal is…lol) it was much easier to lose weight. I could even have a snack here and there and still lose some kilo’s in the process. But now that moving is…

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