You love to cook and bake. You love to take pictures of that food, but somehow you never manage to make it look as appetizing as it really is. You usually try and squeeze the pictures in right before dinner time, resulting in an angry husband and hungry kids.

I believe you can improve your food photography without spending hours on one photo or a fortune on equipment.

“I really like the way you explained the post. I just love white on white and for many years it was an unsolved mystery , am glad to read this, Thanks for posting. Love the fact the post is short and informative.”

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I love this post! I’m really struggling to make any nice food shots when the days are so short…so this is a big help!” by Agatha

“This is a kind of photography I always have wanted to try but didn’t know how to. Thanks for the tips. I better get some black cardboard. And the recipe sounds so delicious. I love chestnuts.” by Holly from Beyond Kimchi

Imagine you could turn out amazing photos in half the time it takes you today. Photos that are better looking than ever before!

When you become part of the Simone’s Kitchen community, you will learn how to take your food photography from boring to amazing in simple steps. Your food will finally look as appetizing on camera as it does in real life.

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Ten years ago – when I started my first food blog – I had literally no idea how to take a proper food photo. Everything came out too dark, the styling was horrible and the food looked anything but appetizing. I was desperate and had no idea how to make them better.

So I decided to take things one at the time: I started reading everything I could find about food photography, I analyzed the pictures of my food photography heroes and followed workshops wherever and when ever I could. And slowly but surely I began to see a difference in how things looked. My camera started making more sense to me (I knew what A, S, M and P actually did!). And the styling of my shots progressed from ‘plate with spoon’ to something that could – in my wildest dreams – maybe even feature in a magazine. I learned how to fold a napkin and spread crumbs like a pro.

After 5 years of working hard on my photography skills, I landed my first paid assignment. It was small but it gave me a confidence boost and was the start of my food photography career.  Visitors to my blog started commenting on how they liked my photos and that made me want to improve even more.

It has not always been an easy process, but I have always loved making food look pretty and with hard work and a lot of trial and error I got where I am today. From that very first magazine assignment I have now shot dozens of cookbooks for other people, published my own cookbook last year and am a successful food photographer and food blogger in the Netherlands.

If I can make it work, so can you!

And to prove that I come from far away, below left one of my earlier foodphotos. And that same dish a few years later on the right.

If you live in the Netherlands you have the option to follow one of our food photography workshops live, but if not: there is plenty of advice to be found here on the site. Check out my post on how to shoot on white or how to take dark food photos. All food photography resources can be found here. And of course if you have any specific problem you’d like me to tackle feel free to let me know in the comment section!

“Thank you so much for this amazing tutorial! I am trying to learn how to take better food photos so really appreciate the time you took to do this!”

“I just thought I would let you know I stopped by. I found your site after searching for dark food photography advice.Your site was just what I needed. Great images with great advice. I like taking photos but am no expert but I wanted to take an image of a Tea bread cake/ recipe that had been given to me. I managed to get a photo all be it not in the same league as yours but much better than I could have hoped to have taken before reading your thread.
Many thanks 🙂”

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